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Sale Results

File NumberCountySale DateSale TimeProperty AddressStarting BidEnding BidBid TypeSale Status
43535Salt Lake01/25/201809:45AM7212 West 3995 South, Magna208,683.00260,529.88Tier BidSold back to beneficiary
50770Weber01/25/201810:30AM545 East 450 North, Ogden 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
44443Utah01/29/201809:00AM301 South 1015 West, Orem0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50407Utah01/29/201809:00AM2888 Cherokee Lane, Provo0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
34291Utah01/29/201809:00AM39 North 500 West, Springville0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50524Salt Lake01/29/201809:45AM5207 West Cranford Street, Herriman0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/Loan Reinstated
40117Salt Lake01/29/201809:45AM542 Oakley Street, Salt Lake City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
48365Salt Lake01/29/201809:45AM6022 West Eaton Way, Salt Lake City187,880.00187,880.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
50387Sevier01/29/201812:00PM210 South State Street, Redmond77,000.0077,000.00Specified Bid 
50773San Juan01/29/201803:15PM61 South 500 East, Monticello48,510.0048,510.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
50731Weber01/30/201810:30AM159 West 2525 North, Harrisville 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/1/2018
49262Summit01/31/201803:00PM3151 East Chalk Creek Road, Coalville 0.00No Bid yetSale canceled / FC stopped
42211Salt Lake02/01/201809:45AM7808 South Dolphin Circle, Cottonwood Heights0.000.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/13/2018
49958Salt Lake02/01/201809:45AM1986 East Downington Avenue, Salt Lake City 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/5/2018
45423Salt Lake02/02/201809:45AM3819 South Barton Crest Court, West Valley City0.000.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/5/2018
50725Box Elder02/02/201811:15AM3205 West 11300 North, Deweyville 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/19/2018
50055Wasatch02/02/201803:30PM2945 South 1800 East, Heber City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
41419Utah02/05/201809:00AM3208 North Alpine Vista Way, Lehi 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
42444Utah02/05/201809:00AM1762 South Glendell Drive, Orem0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
47187Salt Lake02/05/201809:45AM3320 South Marigold Street, Magna119,912.68149,573.05Tier BidSold to 3rd party
48516Salt Lake02/05/201809:45AM9167 West 3100 South, Magna 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
50160Salt Lake02/05/201809:45AM4460 West 4745 South, Salt Lake City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
45608Salt Lake02/05/201809:45AM8152 South Jordanelle Court, West Jordan0.000.00No Bid yetSale Canceled / BK stay imposed
50924Salt Lake02/05/201809:45AM4685 South Carnegie Tech Street, West Valley 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/22/2018
50580Cache02/05/201812:00PM615 South 100 West, Wellsville149,000.00149,000.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
48354Davis02/06/201809:30AM752 East 1950 South, Clearfield 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
47050Weber02/06/201810:30AM5062 South 2875 West, Roy 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/23/2018
48905Box Elder02/06/201811:15AM17200 North 4000 West, Fielding 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
48827Tooele02/06/201804:30PM1165 North 220 West, Unit 141, Tooele107,800.00107,800.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
50578Salt Lake02/08/201809:45AM11532 Cross Country Circle, South Jordan0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
44794Salt Lake02/08/201809:45AM9668 South 2950 West, South Jordan0.000.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/20/2018
48870Weber02/08/201810:30AM2532 West 1650 South, West Haven 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/12/2018
47348Iron02/08/201803:00PM2665 North 550 West, Cedar City148,610.00148,610.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
46841Utah02/09/201809:00AM7766 North Rose Street, Eagle Mountain0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
49777Tooele02/09/201804:30PM709 West Sage Wood Circle, Grantsville0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/Paid in full
50968Utah02/12/201809:00AM2565 West Stonehaven Loop, Lehi335,958.47335,958.47Total Debt BidSold to 3rd party
50970Salt Lake02/12/201809:45AM13869 South April Moon Cove, Herriman0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
38316Salt Lake02/12/201809:45AM5274 West Amber Ridge Lane, West Valley City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
37190Weber02/12/201810:30AM2606 West 2450 North, Farr West 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/14/2018 & again Postponed to 3/29/2018
50067Sanpete02/12/201811:00AM49 West 400 North, Manti226,889.00226,889.00Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
45617Iron02/12/201803:00PM1627 West 950 South, Parowan462,992.38462,992.38Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
50741Washington02/12/201804:30PM356 South 200 East Unit # 9, Saint George162,679.56162,679.56Total Debt BidSold back to beneficiary
50069Weber02/13/201810:30AM2424 North 2600 West, Farr West 0.00No Bid yetPostponed to 3/30/2018
41540Weber02/13/201810:30AM4717 West 3000 South, Ogden 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
40245Weber02/13/201810:30AM602 South 775 East, Ogden123,900.00123,900.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
49848Utah02/14/201809:00AM3782 St. Andrews Drive, Eagle Mountain 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
44032Salt Lake02/15/201809:45AM9693 S Oakwood Lane, Sandy775,000.00775,000.00Specified BidSold back to beneficiary
50685Salt Lake02/16/201809:45AM1993 West 8970 South, West Jordan0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/Loan paid in full
41733Salt Lake02/16/201809:45AM5232 Leprechaun Lane, West Valley City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
51004Davis02/20/201809:30AM833 South 1350 West, Clearfield 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC closed
48516Salt Lake02/20/201809:45AM9167 West 3100 South, Magna 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC Closed
45838Salt Lake02/20/201809:45AM13513 South Bluefield Road, Riverton400,000.00400,000.00Specified BidPostponed to 4/6/2018
43215Salt Lake02/20/201809:45AM2932 South Kapford Drive, Salt Lake City0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50934Salt Lake02/20/201809:45AM4319 South 5630 West, Salt Lake City 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50979Salt Lake02/20/201809:45AM1531 West Culpepper Circle, Taylorsville 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50573Wasatch02/20/201803:30PM10088 East Pine Ridge Drive, Heber City350,563.19350,563.19Total Debt BidSold back to beneficiary
38601Washington02/20/201804:30PM1110 West 2320 South, Saint George0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
50695Utah02/21/201809:00AM2489 Damie Lane, Lehi 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
45153Utah02/21/201809:00AM1197 East 600 South, Spanish Fork 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/FC is closed
42687Salt Lake02/22/201809:45AM37 East Lone Hollow, Sandy 0.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed
51006Salt Lake02/22/201809:45AM8459 South Ivy Gable Drive, West Jordan171,000.00171,000.00Specified BidSold to 3rd party
46241Weber02/22/201810:30AM722 East 1150 North, Ogden0.000.00No Bid yetSale Cancelled/BK filed